The Tale of Bánya

Once upon a time, in one of the wonderful valleys of Somogy, there was a perishing, half-deserted little village, called Bárdudvarnok, a part of which was called Bánya. Houses were crumbling to pieces, gardens were overtaken by weeds, inhabitants were getting older and fewer, when an enthusiastic team came, lead by an equally enthusiastic young woman born in Bánya, who made up their minds to save the village. The team's name is Bánya Panoráma Association, and a lot of famous sportsmen, scientists, artists and other outstanding persons are members. They are not only enthusiastic but also energetic, and they have made the agonizing village into a holiday-resort.

The old houses have been renovated, waterworks have been established and a fishing-lake has been created. New houses and traditional 'Bence ovens' have been built and also a life-style center was opened functioning as a guesthouse. A forest school and a student center are being established. No wonder that Bánya is a popular target of hikers; the view of Zselic is wonderful here, there is real peace and quiet. A miracle.

Come to Bánya and take a look at yourself.