In a marvelous valley between Kaposmérő and Bárdudvarnok, the world of the ancient 'Magyars' around the times of the Hungarian settlement is evoked. Ancient Hungarians' dwelling, the yurta, and horses and bows, this is the realm of the archer Kassai Lajos.
The founder of Kassai School reinvented the ancient Hungarian bows and arrows, and pursues and teaches our ancestors' fighting tactics. A glorious period from our past is presented, and the extraordinary history lesson in the yurta enriches mind and soul. The ancient fighting tactics are exhibited on the first Saturday of every month from May to October.
The master is ready to perform a show in the magnificent surroundings at any time by previous arrangement. The two-hour program includes archery on horseback, a horse show, and an interesting history lesson on the ancient Hungarians' culture, craftsmanship and war tactics.
Tel.: 82/477-061