Artists in Kaposszerdahely

Animal breeding and shepherding have long traditions in Zselic. Royal pigmen would graze their swineherds in the great forests. Shepherding and folk motifs live on in the works of today's craftsmen and artists. The potters, wood-carvers and weavers living in Kaposszerdahely, near Kaposvár at one of the Northern gates of Zselic, evoke in their works the traditional color- and shape-patterns passed on from generation to generation.
Visitors can see the artifacts in the artists' workshop by previous arrangement.

Göbölös Attila potter Kapoli Antal u. 26. Tel.: 82/712-481

Búzás Ilona potter Kapoli Antal u. 17. Tel.:82/712-473

Falusi Béla and Falusiné Terjék Éva folk potters
Hunyadi u. 3. Tel.: 82/712-439

Lancsár Etelka weaver and dress-maker Hunyadi u. 5. Tel.: 82/712-440

Horváth-Béres János wood-carver Kossuth u. 38. Tel.: 82/712-508