In the saddle

Horse ranches, where horse and riding fans can spend enjoyable days, are valuable parts in the variety of programs we can offer. Both beginner and advanced riders are welcome. The choices include carriage rides, cross-country riding, horse shows and one or several day riding tours, all of these naturally with professional and well trained horses. For those who are interested in horse races, we offer the programs of Pannon Equestrian Academy.

Horse ranches and riding clubs

Meistro Riding Club Kaposvár, Tel.: 82/317-903
(2 rooms for 3 and accommodation for 4 in the guesthouse in Bánya)

Zselic Cuckoo Horse Ranch Simonfa, Tel.: 82/314-153, 82/422-156
(14 apartments with a restaurant)

Zselic Horse Ranch, Kadarkút, Tel.: 82/385-233

Zrínyi Riding Club, Kaporvár,Gyertyános-valley

Pannon Equestrian Academy, Kaposvár, Tel.: 82/314-155

Virág László, Bárdudvarnok-Szendipuszta, Tel.: 82/713-035