Paradise for hunters

The rich game stocks in the forests of Somogy County are mentioned in all descriptions written in the Middle Ages and modern times. This is still so; Somogy is still one of the best hunting areas of the country. Our kings Sigismund and Matthias were great hunters here and also the poet, Zrínyi Miklós, hunted in the woods of Zselic. There are red deer, roe deer and wild boar to hunt for. Because of the high-quality and professional game keeping we truly recommend hunting in Zselic. You will find comfortable hunting lodges in Bárdudvarnok-Lipótfa, Kardosfa (4 km from Szenna), Ropoly (5 km from Szenna), and the Vörösalma Hunting Lodge is 3 km from Bőszénfa.

Further information:

SEFAG Rt. Hunting Organization Office, Tel.: 82/505-112

Saint Benedict Hunting Club, Bárdudvarnok
Forintos László president, Tel.: 82/713-011, 30-927-6988
Bakán József, hunter, Tel.: 60/460-804

Landowners' Hunting Club of Mike
Rácz Béla, president, Tel.: 82/721-272

Zselic Hunting Club
Dr. Göndöcz Gyula, president, Tel.: 82/431-014