Surján Valley

We would like to recommend a valley stretching from Bőszénfa to Sántos, where the brook called Surján runs. Have a look at Meseszálló in Bőszénfa, and near the fishing lakes on the way to Szentbalázs it is worth taking a turn left to the Vörösalma hunting lodge. Near Gálosfa on the areas of Zselic Farm Ltd. you can see an interesting phenomenon of nature, namely the pseudo-dripstone. It is a spring that forms dripstone-like phenomena from sandstone. It can be found on the 'spring' tourist path branching off from the 'blue path'. (You will need permission to visit from the owner of the Farm.) The old Festetich Castle functions as a hotel in the village.
The next settlement, Kaposgyarmat, is well worth a visit. The church in Hajmás is the pride of its inhabitants. You can take a rest in the charming village center of Cserénfa and look at Farkas Csaba's birds and animals yard.
Leaving Cserénfa you can already get a glimpse of the church of Szentbalázs, the pride of which is the Pieta, a masterpiece by Dorfmeister. At the end of the valley you arrive in the flowery Sántos, a north gate of Zselic.