Otters and other animals

The Otter-Park is situated on the Western edge of Zselic, near Mike. It is owned by Somogy Association for Landscape Protection. The clean waters of Zselic make it possible for the lovers of nature to study the otters in their original habitat.
Numerous species inhabit the area around the more than thousand years old lake systems, where water habitat directly encounters forests. Visitors can study the animals from show-paths and high standard watching places, which were built so that they do not disturb nature's harmony.
Besides otters there are bald eagles, ferruginous ducks, herons, egrets, black storks, pond tortoises and several amphibian species in the Otter-Park.

The park can be visited all year long.

Park manager:
Nagy Tibor, Tel.. 82/448-268, 60/368-214)

Further information:

Somogy Association for Landscape Protection
8708 Somogyfajsz, Kossuth u. 62, Tel.: 82/337-146.